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here be a buncha stuff to download from the game SHIVERS.

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if you're looking for walkthroughs and info on the game, indulge yourself here.

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if not, download the following at yer own risk mateys (argh!!).

PAGE 4 ladies n gents!!!


ironically iconic. symbolic? feh, nevermind.
they lookie like this. pretty nifty eh? not my doing...go thank tanya, all her work.
zip download containing all 3 icons here.



curse you!!
another cool idea from tanya. who needs those boring windows default cursors anyway?
zipped cursor file here.



curse you!!
a more complete set of images for your cursor.
download zip here. this set brought to you kids by [Mysteriously Anonymous Source].



welcome to buffyland.
all screen capped by tanya (do you sense a tanya theme here kids?).
the above preview shows only a few select pics from the zip pack.
use 'em however you wish (would shivers images do well on toilet paper ya think?) just no "for profit" usage mmkay. game belongs to sierra, not you or me.
zipped pack file here.


i have searched FOREVER for a way to snatch the music from shivers into files playable on my computer.

and lo and behold, some genius invented the Game Audio Player.
GAP is a utility that searches game resource files and pulls out all the audio-related items (music/sfx/speech).
it's a neat lil prog...easy to install and a cinch to use.

anyway, enough of the rambling.
onto the actual downloads!!

- /: these are .wav files and playable in windows media player or winamp.
- //: i've bunched all the same type of music into one single zip file for your convenience.
- ///:
i didn't include every single sound file found by GAP. there were a bajillion small fx files (such as the sounds of doors opening and closing or wind blowing). who needs those?!
- ////: i've included only the main themes and some of the more interesting sound details.

music phrases unique to each themed room

some of the more interesting sound details to enhance the room music

the tracks from the jukebox in the tower clock room
(for a listing of the track titles, go here)

various music written for special locations and the main title music

sfx - ixupi in toilet
jukebox - track c1
jukebox - track c2
room - clock tower
room - inventions
room - library theme 1
room - planetarium
room - planetarium hallway
room - theater
song - ananszi spider display

song - elevator

here's the full symphonic version of track a1 from the jukebox: suite no. 1 C minor for violin by j.s. bach.
this mp3 was brought to you by a really cool fan of shivers (no, not me).

and finally, that same cool fangirl made this midi version of the ananszi spider song and sent it to me
very hush, hush and on the QT. careful you don't spread that info around...!

and there ya go. yes i know. i'm pretty awesome for putting these up. ;)


oh but wait there's more...!
SONGS from SHIVERS 2: Harvest of Souls
so yieah i know this site's all about shivers 1...but i like the songs from part 2 quite a bit as well.
there are five songs in total, each with its own zip file:

alone inside
candy cane dragon
spell it out
warm place to hide
was i even there

no lyrics for these yet. give my lazy procrastinating ass some time and i'll get to it eventually.

also yoinked from the second cd of the shivers 2 game is the official remix of all the shivers 1 themes.

i didn't make any of these mp3s...they're the work of bobby from the sierra gamers board.
go thank him already.



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